An online membership and built in support system for ELA teachers in Grades 3-5

As an ELA teacher, or a teacher of #allthethings, you need resources that are ready to teach at your fingertips, so that you can focus on what you do best - TEACH. And not just teach. But teach with JOY + EASE.











Imagine having a library of ELA resources (and more) right at your fingertips. 

  • Complete Writing Units
  • Reading Resources 
  • Monthly Text Sets
  • Writing Centers
  • ELA + Math Morning Work
  • ELA Weekly Assessments
  • Task Cards
  • Notebook Charts
  • and SO much more!
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You became a teacher because you wanted to make an impact.  You sought to help your students become independent thinkers, leaders, and lifelong learners.  That starts with building a classroom community of literacy. 

When we say literacy, we know that is not exclusive to  Reading + Writing.   Literacy is #allthethings.

While you LOVE your job, you also know teaching isn't just a "job." You pour your heart and soul into your students. And YOU mean the world to those tiny humans sitting in front of you.  Whether they show it or not, they look forward and depend on seeing your face every day.  You are literally shaping the future. 

With such an important job, teaching can become more of a lifestyle. But sometimes... it can take over our actual lives.  I've been there.  We spend nights and weekends planning, searching, creating, or curating our lesson plans.  More hours are spent grading papers and essays.  Looking at data, creating our groups, sitting in meetings, collaborating with colleagues - your plate is Thanksgiving-dinner full.  Let's face it- teaching can be tough.  It can be draining.  It can be exhausting. 

But it doesn't have to be. 

  • What if teaching came with more joy +  ease?
  • What if you had complete writing units that made teaching writing SO.MUCH.EASIER...? 
  • What if you had hundreds of resources at your fingertips? 
  • What if your students were EXCITED about learning and you were even MORE EXCITED about teaching? 
  • What if you had a personal cheerleader (me!) cheering you on and a support system of like-minded teachers? 


Let's get started.

Let's build that community. 

Let's watch your tiny humans accomplish great things. 


Writing units and resources at your fingertips to develop a writing community built on craft and confidence.



Build a community of lifelong readers that also have the necessary skills to meet grade level standards.

ELA + Math Morning Work

Establish a morning routine that gives you the time you need in the morning while covering a LOT of skills in a LITTLE amount of time.

Seasonal Products

Keep your students engaged and learning throughout the year with seasonal standards-based resources. 

Content Area Resources

Integrating literacy across content areas will help students make connections and apply their reading skills.

Language, Grammar, & Vocabulary

Balanced literacy wouldn't be complete without Language, Grammar, & Vocabulary.  

The monthly text set comes as part of your monthly membership.  Each text set will contain:

✔2 (or more) related text sets

✔Reading Comprehension Questions

✔Writing Prompt to be used with the texts in an essay format

✔Writing Plan Example

✔Example Essay

✔Differentiated for Grades 3-5

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"As a veteran teacher I am always on the lookout for innovative quality materials to use with my students. Initially I was attracted to The Literacy Loft for its free resources in all subject areas. I quickly came to realize the wealth of curriculum materials available to members which would greatly enhance my classroom. The quality resources are standards based and the monthly updates help keep my class curriculum moving forward. Membership in the The Literacy Loft continues to expand with unique resources being added frequently as well as the ability to request specific resources for future development. Being a member definitely has its benefits for me and my students."

Colleen Brede
3rd Grade Teacher

I'm Jessica and I am your newest tool in your teacher toolbox! I LOVE helping teachers like you teach with more joy + ease.The Literacy Loft Membership is a special place where I can support you in a big way. I can't wait to see you on the inside! 

Teach with more ease + less stress.

As an ELA teacher, or a teacher of #allthethings, you know that having the right resources at your fingertips is crucial.  You could spend hours planning, creating, or searching for those resources OR you could focus on doing what you do best - teaching.  

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"I love The Literacy Loft for SO many reasons! First, it gives me tools to use with my students across all curriculum areas. No matter what I am looking for, I just go to the website, and I can find what I need. And I usually find things that I didn't know I needed. There are a variety of tools to use: templates, blacklines, posters, games, task cards, videos...they are all there, and they are all highly engaging and easy to use. One of my favorite things to use are the individual charts for the reader's and writer's notebooks. I used to have kids take notes on things like leads/endings, transitions, and text features. That took SO much time, precious time that I didn't have to give up. Now, my students glue these individual charts into their notebooks after we discuss them, saving a ton of time. Not only are these individual charts a time-saver, but they also look great! No longer do I have kids wondering what they wrote because they were writing furiously. Everything is neat and organized and visually appealing. All of the resources on the website are highly engaging for ME as a teacher. Many of the resources have given me a new perspective on how to teach a specific lesson. Speaking of lessons, you can find entire writing units completely written with everything you need. The lessons, the PowerPoints, the charts, the graphic organizers are given to you. These units have not only saved me time, but they have also given me new ideas and strategies for teaching different types of writing that I have been teaching for years. Teaching is so hard, but having the resources from The Literacy Loft so conveniently at my fingertips has made my job easier -- MUCH easier. I feel so fortunate to be part of this membership. "

Maria DeWese
3rd Grade Teacher


The Literacy Loft Membership places a heavy emphasis on teaching writing. The writing units include daily lesson plans, notebook charts, PowerPoint, Google Slides, and engaging activities to build confident and independent writers.

What is included inside the membership?

Writing Units ($80 + Value)

  • Daily Lesson Plans
  • Google Slides or PowerPoints
  • Student Notebook and Binder Charts
  • Writing Samples
  • Videos

Units Included

  • Narrative
  • Opinion
  • Informational
  • Newspaper Article
  • And more mini units
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Monthly Text Sets ($60 Value) 

  • (or more) related text sets
  • Reading Comprehension Questions
  • Writing Prompt to be used with the texts in an essay format
  • Writing Plan Example
  • Teacher Example Essay (editable)
  • Differentiated for Grades 3-5  
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Writing Centers ($60 value) *Membership Exclusive*

These writing centers are not available to purchase individually. There are 5 Types of writing centers with 5 of each writing center. That means you've got 25 Writing Centers to help your students grow! Each writing center also includes an answer key so that students can self-check or you can use as a grade if you prefer. The centers are available as color-coded or black and white. This particular set of Writing Centers are based on Scientific concepts. A minimum of 3 more sets of writing centers will be released throughout the summer and school year.


Must-Have Reading Resources ($150+)

  • Reading Notebook Charts for each standard ($20)
  • ELA Morning Work ($40)
  • ELA Weekly Assessment (aligned to morning work) ($25)
  • Book Clubs
  • Guided Reading Strategy Cards + Planning Template
  • Elements of A Story Posters & Bookmarks
  • Reading Genre Posters
  • Biography Project
  • Reading Tic Tac Toe Response
  • Independent or Partnership Reading Guide
  • Text Structure Anchor Charts + Task Cards
  • Prefixes & Suffixes Task Cards
  • Grammar & Vocabulary Notebook Charts
  • Bookagram
  • Comic Strip Book Response
  • Reading Logs
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Pricing Options




ALL current and future resources for Grades 3-5 at a monthly rate less than the price of a weekly latte. 

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Included 1

Included 2

Included 3

Included 4









Save 20% by paying for the full year.

ALL current and future resources for Grades 3-5 at a monthly rate less than the price of a weekly latte. 

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"Long before there was a Literacy Loft Membership, I often found myself on TPT gravitating toward products created by The Literacy Loft. If I look through my purchased products in TPT, almost all of them are from Jessica @ The Literacy Loft. So when I heard that a membership was going to be an option, it was a no-brainer! Jessica creates so many engaging, meaningful products that make my life so much easier. I use her notebook charts regularly and I use the Good Morning Sunshine every single day with my students! They love it and so do I! But the best part about the membership is the personalized attention Jessica gives her members. I can’t tell you how many emails we have sent back and forth to each other. Jessica is always looking for requests and delivers on them! I am super happy being a member of The Literacy Loft! I do not belong to any other membership and will not be joining any other...The Literacy Loft has everything any teacher would want or need!"

Fiona R.
5th Grade Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

In our membership, there are over 200 resources for busy teachers like you! Some examples of the included resources are: 

  • Narrative Writing Unit
  • Opinion Writing Unit
  • Informational Writing Unit
  • Poetry Reading Unit
  • Newspaper Article Writing Unit
  • Reading Notebook Anchor Charts
  • Writing Notebook Anchor Charts
  • Monthly Text Sets
  • ELA + Math Morning Work
  • ELA Weekly Assessments aligned to the morning work
  • Task Cards
  • Seasonal Resources
  • EVERYTHING in my TpT store for Grades 3-5
  • All future resources that are created.

When you sign up for the membership, you will create a username and login that will be sent to your email address.  When you log in to the members' area, you can go to the subject of your choice and download whatever you need! :)

NO! While this membership site heavily focuses on Reading and Writing, there are plenty of Math and Science resources for self-contained teachers.  Please note that the priority of newly created resources will be based on Reading and Writing.

If you need something specific, you can request a resource.  This doesn't guarantee that it will be created, but the resources that are added will be based on members' requests.  This membership is intentionally being kept small that I can support members with resources and support. One of the first things you do inside the membership is take a membership survey to identify your needs. At any time in your membership, you can request a specific resource to be added to the membership.

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time.  However, if you cancel your membership and decide to join at a later date, then your monthly/yearly rate will probably have increased.  

Won't you join us?

Click the button to get the resources you need to help spread the love of literacy to your students, creating a classroom community of students that enjoy reading, writing, and talking about reading and writing.

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Build a community of lifelong readers that also have the necessary skills to meet grade level standards.


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