Writing Centers

There are 5 Types of writing centers with 5 of each writing center. That means you've got 25 Writing Centers to help your students grow! Each writing center also includes an answer key so that students can self-check or you can use as a grade if you prefer.  The centers are available as color-coded or black and white. This particular set of Writing Centers are based on Scientific concepts. A minimum of 3 more sets of writing centers will be released throughout the summer and school year.

Monthly Text Sets

The monthly text set comes as part of your monthly membership.  Each text set contains:
2 (or more) related text sets
Reading Comprehension Questions
Writing Prompt to be used with the texts in an essay format
Writing Plan Example
Example Essay
Differentiated for Grades 3-5

ELA Morning Work & Daily Review

A unique way to get your students warmed up in the morning that helps incorporate Language Standards, Vocabulary Practice, and Reading Comprehension skills.

ELA Weekly Assessments

These weekly assessments are a companion for the morning work. These teachers wanted a way to assess the skills practiced throughout the week.

Reading Comprehension Bingo

Each informational newspaper-style text gives the history and other information of holidays. Bingo sheets are included, which have questions from the article. 

Reading Notebook Charts

This includes anchor charts for each Reading Literature and Informational Standard for Grades 3-5 that provide skills and strategies at your students' fingertips.

ELA Task Cards

9 different ELA task cards are already inside the membership and more are coming. Each set of task cards include 24-36 task. ALL task cards will be updated to include BOTH a printable pdf and Google Slides + Google Forms option.

Other Must Have Reading Teacher Resources

✓ Biography Project

✓ Monthly Tic Tac Toe Reading Response

✓ Reading Logs (Print + Digital)

Math Morning Work

This resource is a unique way to get your students warmed up in the morning. The math is aligned to each grade level's Common Core Standards and meant to be a review. 

Math Weekly Assessments

These weekly assessments are a companion for the morning work. These teachers wanted a way to assess the skills practiced throughout the week.

Math Task Cards for the Year

Math Task Cards for the entire year currently available for Grades 3-5. Each set of task cards is aligned to the Common Core Standards so that you can integrate this with your current curriculum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In our membership, there are over 200 resources for busy teachers like you! Some examples of the included resources are: 

  • Narrative Writing Unit
  • Opinion Writing Unit
  • Informational Writing Unit
  • Poetry Reading Unit
  • Newspaper Article Writing Unit
  • Reading Notebook Anchor Charts
  • Writing Notebook Anchor Charts
  • Monthly Text Sets
  • ELA + Math Morning Work
  • ELA Weekly Assessments aligned to the morning work
  • Task Cards
  • Seasonal Resources
  • EVERYTHING in my TpT store for Grades 3-5
  • All future resources that are created.

When you sign up for the membership, you will create a username and login that will be sent to your email address.  When you log in to the members' area, you can go to the subject of your choice and download whatever you need! :)

NO! While this membership site heavily focuses on Reading and Writing, there are plenty of Math and Science resources for self-contained teachers.  Please note that the priority of newly created resources will be based on Reading and Writing.

If you need something specific, you can request a resource.  This doesn't guarantee that it will be created, but the resources that are added will be based on members' requests.  This membership is intentionally being kept small that I can support members with resources and support. One of the first things you do inside the membership is take a membership survey to identify your needs. At any time in your membership, you can request a specific resource to be added to the membership.

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time.  However, if you cancel your membership and decide to join at a later date, then your monthly/yearly rate will probably have increased.  

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